The Allotment Adventure Begins


allotments-in-glasgowLiving in Glasgow, in the city, most definitely has it’s perks. If I decide I need to go shopping at 3am I can. If I want to go buy something to eat immediately I can, no matter what I’m in the mood for. If I want to go to the pub or to a restaurant I have one of the best selections in the UK, many of which are within a 1 mile radius of my front door.

I really love it. And I adore my flat. I have nice neighbours, lovely parks nearby to walks the dogs in, and a whole host of cafe’s and bars on my own street. The only thing that is missing is a garden. I have always wanted to grow my own potatoes and leeks and rhubarb and strawberries and brussel sprouts, and so many other things.

I’ve tried a few things in the house, like tomatoes and herbs. In fact, at one point the cat thought my kitchen window ledge was the outdoors, and started using the plant pots as a second toilet. It was at that point I gave up. But I was rubbish at remembering to water them anyway and I definitely wasn’t going to eat pee flavoured tomatoes or oregano.

After that I grew a few things in my old aunt’s garden, just in pots, and they grew pretty well. Especially the brussel sprouts. But for various reasons (mainly the fact that she hates any sort of wildlife at all, be it a fox, a bug or even a bird) it just didn’t work. It was then that I started looking into allotments.

Glasgow City Council have more than 25 allotment sites, all dotted around the city. It is far less expensive to lease one than I thought (£32 per year for a full plot, but if you get a half plot it’s less than £20 per year). The only setback is that many of them have rather long waiting lists. Some don’t, but unfortunately the ones that didn’t were nowhere near where I live. So I joined a few of the waiting lists for nearby allotments, and then completely forgot about it. (Seriously, I didn’t even remember that I had joined any waiting lists).

That was 4 years ago. And this afternoon I got a phone call from a very nice lady asking if I’d like to come and see a plot that had just become available. 4 years is a long time, and so I was slightly surprised by the call. But I’m going tomorrow to see the allotments and my little potential plot.

In the meantime, since I know very little about gardening, plants, or growing your own food, I’m probably going to be spending the rest of day looking up what I’m supposed to do with an allotment!

If you would to find out more about Glasgow City Council allotments have a look at the following: