Make room for the pregnancy pillow


sleep-better-with-pregnancy-pillowMy poor husband has to deal with a lot. There’s my incessant moaning about feeling sick, my current constant tiredness and my inability to hold a conversation about anything without biting his head off… The list goes on, believe me.

And now we have a bed invader: my pregnancy pillow. It is almost the same size as me, in fact when I’m not in bed it still looks like there’s a person in there.

I hadn’t been sleeping particularly well for a few weeks, mostly because I kept ending up on my back. I always used to sleep on my back. It’s just the comfiest way for me to sleep. I have been trying for weeks to sleep on my side, but I always end up on my back. And with the extra weight in my belly region, I was waking up every few hours (lying on my back again) with pain in my lower back. I’d pop back onto my side and again, end up on my back.

Then a friend mentioned in passing that she was dreading putting her pregnancy pillow away after having her baby, because it was the best thing that she ever bought. So with that recommendation I thought I’d better give it a go. I’m not the type who likes to miss out…

The first night was a bit weird. I wasn’t used to sleeping on my side at all, and after sleeping for 6 hours without even budging for a pee I woke up with a dead left arm. But the only reason for this was that I slept way better that night than I had in a long time. And it’s only gotten better. It supports my back, prevents me from rolling onto my back whilst I’m asleep, and one of the ends tucks in between my legs to give me some extra support. On top of all of that, it’s something to snuggle into if I happen to go to bed before my husband.

Training myself to sleep on my side would have been far more difficult without my pregnancy pillow. I adore it. It’s seriously the most confortable thing ever. And I’m already dreading giving it up when baby is born in a few months time.

It’s the one thing I will absolutely be recommending to pregnant friends in future!