Hello 3rd Trimester


third-trimester-baby-bumpWell, I guess that’s me into the final lap. Not that it’ll be a sprint lap by any means. But it’s definitely another milestone passed.

According to my doomsayer aunt, gone are the night when I’ll be able to sleep, gone are the days when I’ll feel even remotely feminine and gone are the times when I might have been even slightly comfortable.

As far as I can tell from the bits and bobs I’ve read and been told, these are the things I can now expect, or at least look out for…

  • Baby brain.  Apparently this is more due to the emotional impact of pregnancy than anything biological, but I’m known for being pretty ditsy at the best of times (I once lost my phone for days and then found it in the fridge), so being even more ‘blonde’ than usual is probably going to get annoying.
  • More strain on my poor bladder.  I just got used to sleeping through the feeling of needing to pee. But apparently that’s going to come back with a vengeance due to the weight of the baby bearing down on my poor bladder. Ah well. I guess it’s not going to be for too long – only a couple of months to go…
  • Lots of kicking.  I’m looking forward to this one. People keep telling me that it can be uncomfortable and sore but I seriously love feeling my little baby move around.
  • Itchiness.  This has already started. My boobs get really itchy, especially at night when I’ve had my bra on all day. This is due to the fact that they’re growing AGAIN! I thought they had gotten as big as they were going to. But apparently not.
  • Swelling.  Thankfully I haven’t yet had any swelling. I’ve been trying to keep active, even if it’s just walking the dogs a few times each day. Since I’ve given up any heels already the foot swelling I’ve been told about shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I’m in flip flops or big trainers most of the time anyway!
  • Muscle cramps, particularly in the legs.  Once again this is something I’ve so far had no problem with at all. So fingers crossed it stays that way…
  • Shortness of breath.  I walk my dogs all the time, and I’ve been getting out of breath much quicker than normal for about a month already. It’s quite frustrating because I used to be able to walk for hours without getting out of breath. But baby is now taking up my excess lung space (guess I didn’t need it that much anyway) and I’ll just have to wait a few months to get it back!
  • Heartburn.  My mum informed me that she had to sleep sitting up for the last two months of her pregnancies due to her terrible heartburn. I haven’t had any heartburn yet, and I’m hoping it stays that way. Sleeping sitting up for two months would be like trying to sleep in an airplane seat every night for two months. And a few hours of that is uncomfortable enough!
  • Difficulty bending down.  Something I’ve noticed getting gradually more difficult when trying to pick up after my dogs in the park. I’ve worked out that doing a nice deep squat is far easier than attempting to fold myself over my bump. So I guess I’ll be squatting until baby comes out of there!
  • Leaky boobs.  Definitely not looking forward to leaky boobs should that occur. But hey, my body is just doing what it was made to do. Can’t really complain about that.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions.  Sporadic contractions that can occur even in early pregnancy. Some people don’t notice them at all (like me); some people do. It’s hard to tell the difference between these and preterm labour, so as a general rule I’ve been told that if it’s before 37 weeks and you’re having more than 4 contractions per hour, contact your caregiver.
  • Weight gain.  Already happened. With baby gaining weight and me gaining weight, this is to be expected. No big deal. I’ll get rid of it eventually…
  • Joint softening.  According to one pregnancy website I was looking at, the softening of the hip joints is the reason that pregnant ladies end up with the duck waddle.
  • Low iron levels.  With baby stealing your iron, it’s time to make sure that you eat up all your leafy greens and some red meat. And take your pregnancy vitamins. Your iron levels will be tested at your 28 week midwife appointment.

There are way more things to expect than the above list, but these are some of the more common ones. I’m hoping I don’t get all of them, but at least I know what to expect and can quickly look up what might help to alleviate them!

So far I’ve not had any real problems at all. Yes I occasionally wake up randomly at about 5am and then can’t get back to sleep again, and yes, I definitely have days when I feel like a big giant blob. But it’s not forever, and I keep reminding my doomsayer aunt (and myself) that it’s not that bad. At the end of it all I’ll have a little baby to look after. And although I still can’t imagine what that’s like, it’s is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.