All About Us

_DSC1761Hi, I’m Lynn, I’m 31 and I’m a newby expectant mum, cake aficionado, fledgling exercise fanatic, skilled housework evader & animal lover.  That’s the short version.

The longer version…

I live in the sometimes peculiar depths of Glasgow’s West End with my remarkable husband, my trusty labrador, my mischievous collie, my cantankerous oddball cat, my pensioner cat (who thinks she’s a labrador) and my current bump/soon to be baby.

I run a pet care business in the Glasgow area and when I’m not busy with that I love to spend time with my currently expanding family.  My husband and I love to get out walking or to the beach with the dogs, eat out in Glasgow’s abundance of restaurants, visit new places, go to the cinema and of course, have a cuddle on the sofa in front of the TV.

Over the years, I’ve had many hobbies that have come and go; some very fleetingly (like crochet – I was just really rubbish at it – still have all the needles though, just in case).  One hobby that has never waned though is my love to cook.  But most of the time I love to cook quick, simple and easy food.  I don’t really have the patience for 4 hours standing at a cooker.  Unless it involves chocolate (obviously).

Most days I get far less done than I plan to do.  I’d probably be a much more efficient person if it wasn’t for my iPhone, twitter (find me @thekitchenkitty), facebook (find me at and rubbish TV.  I am also a bit of a fidget.  And a procrastinator too, which I guess doesn’t help in the efficiency stakes.  However I am doing my best to domesticate myself, to get our house baby-ready, to stay on top of running my business and to write as much as possible in my blog.

I can be quite enthusiastically opinionated.  Mostly it’s only my husband who hears these opinions, very loudly.  But occasionally they may spill onto the blog, or more likely onto twitter.  I’m also generally a bit silly, and I’m looking forward to finding out what kind of parent I actually am.

The website

I originally started The Kitchen Kitty with the simple intention of documenting my cookery attempts.  However with time and life events passing by, it has evolved into something I didn’t really expect.  At present it is also a pregnancy blog and I suppose a bit of a lifestyle blog.  But no doubt that will change again, along with me and my growing family.

The family

My family feature quite regularly on the blog, and so it’s only fair to introduce them.  First there’s obviously my amazing, ever smiling husband, David (below), who supports me in all my exploits, however ridiculous he finds them.


To me, my family absolutely includes the pets.  That might sound weird to some folks, but anyone who’s ever had a pet will undoubtedly agree!  So starting at the left, in the top row there’s Molly & Tashy, and in the bottom row, Tinky & Pimmy.

intro-molly intro-tashy
intro-tinky intro-pimmy